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Do you have a vision? As we are reaching the end of the millennium, there is undoubtedly a search for something that is missing in peoples lives.


There are strange things going on in the world that point to a new awakening; personally, I feel that this is a spiritual awakening. When Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed, we saw a hitherto unknown wave of public behaviour.


This was called mass hysteria, and so it became because the press whipped it up. I am convinced this was because most people were searching for something but they knew not what they want.

Surely, what many people are thirsting for is spiritual fulfilment. For those who have not yet found it, I urge you to read this little book, with an open heart.


This collection of poems, quotations and Bible passages is a gem. It contains the inspirational words of a wide number of writers as chosen by Penelope Bourdillon and is illustrated with the churches of Radnorshire by Marcia Gibson-Watt.


Radnorshire is a county of wild beauty which has inspired writers and artists for centuries. It has many churches, some very old, many humble, and yet inspirational in their simplicity. These church buildings were often constructed of materials from the surrounding hillsides. Some lie in the midst of villages and towns, others in less definable centres of population and approached by lanes little changed from the old tracks that were their forerunners. Some were in such spectacular positions that one can understand why our ancestors chose to build there, though open to the elements.


Marcia’s ability to capture the scenes in her miniatures is palpable. She painted the sixty-three Anglican churches of Radnorshire for the first, hardback, edition of this book, produced for the millennium year when her husband, Robin, was president of the Royal Welsh Show. Marcia was very moved when she visited these places of worship and has sought to share this experience with us.


The texts that Penelope has chosen to go with each picture are thought-provoking. She and Marcia found great joy in the preparation of this book and hope that it will prove to be as popular as the first, sold-out, edition.

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Penelope Bourdillon felt moved to write this book six years after her beloved husband died. Her fervent hope is that some sentence, paragraph or chapter will speak deeply into the heart of each of her readers. She believes that by sharing her personal journey of grief it could help others in their suffering. Of course everyone's experience is different, and Penelope never says that it is going to be easy, but she suggests that there are ways of easing the pain - not least by having total faith and trust in God.


The Bible is many things: a library; history books; a collection of wise sayings, and much, much more. Most importantly it reveals the secrets of life: who we are; what is our purpose; how we should live; what is our destiny? It is centered in Jesus who reveals what God is really like. A gentle Father, overflowing with tender love and mercy towards us. A God who sings, laughs, grieves, shouts for joy, longs for company, and - He has a sense of humor. All this is found in the Bible that this book describes: it contains jokes! Read it and laugh, smile, wonder, and then give thanks for the help you find.

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