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What a strange title for a book. Say it quickly. Do you get it? If not I will tell you at the end of this blog.

Before I tell you about the book title, I want to say a bit more about the wondrous Kate Delaney, without whom I would not be writing this blog. Since the interview I had with her on her US Radio Show she has been so helpful and full of ideas. My main aim is to spread the good news of the gospel, which I hope fervently that the book will do.

Kate must be one of the busiest women on the planet, and yet she had time to meet me twice on zoom calls since the interviewed, which was aired in this country at 6.30 a.m. (not my finest hour!) Thanks to her I think it went quite well, in spite of my misgivings. She made it so easy because she is warm, encouraging, enthusiastic, and above all inspiring. And she posted the first comment on my blog. Thank you so much Kate.

I hope you will have gathered that the title is Abundance: God’s Abundance. I hope it will encourage you to read the Bible, and to begin to enjoy doing so. I will tell you more about it as the weeks go by, and I hope that it will whet your appetite to buy a copy. I want it to give joy and hope to the reader.







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