The Reply to my email

Well, just when I was feeling badly in need of some TLC, something amazing happened… I wrote this at the time, because otherwise I might never believe it!

Oh my goodness, Lord, you really DO work in mysterious ways your mysteries to perform. The very next day I was reading one of Pete Greig’s great books – and found something so utterly pertinent when I had been feeling rather guilty about wrestling with you, Lord. What an encouragement it was.

This is what is said:

‘Luther attacked God with surprising audacity: “I attacked Him with His own weapons, quoting from Scripture all the promises I could remember, that prayers should be granted.” The nineteenth century theologian P.T.Forsyth argued that this kind of contending is essential in prayer. “Lose the habit of wrestling and the hope of prevailing with God, make it mere walking with God in friendly talk: and, precious as that is, yet you tend to lose the reality of prayer at last. In principle you make it mere conversation instead of the soul’s great action.” ’

Then next day the Booktrail agency said they would like to offer me a three hour zoom workshop for VIPs(!!) with wonderful Kate Delaney which I did and thoroughly enjoyed, and then I had a ‘one on one’ with her which was even better. THANK YOU LORD

Amazingly this is an email from Kate Delaney following the zoom call.

To Penelope What a lovely email. Thank you for participating and adding to the group. I am so fired up to read your blogs. You have a lot of wisdom to share with the World. “A Bun Dance” is a fantastic title and really could be a fantastic hit in Christian book stores all over the Globe, not just in the U.K. I also think your book on grieving is so important. Losing a loved one is so unbearable and if your book gives people comfort it needs to be out there now more than ever.

Can’t wait to see your blogs.

All the best Kate

What a lovely lady she is, to have time to write that to me, when she must be one of the busiest women on the planet.

If anything comes of it I hope to observe what John Wimber used to say:

‘I’ll take the encouragement, but I’ll pass the glory on.’

So Lord, help me to have the same attitude as Jesus. Help me to take the path that brings glory to God the Father, and please help me always to bounce the glory back to you.

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