Where are we going, Jesus?

God’s Abundance

Where are we going, Jesus? You know how much I want to share God’s abundance…

I feel that I am in a small sailing boat with you at the tiller, riding gentle waves. They are not huge sea waves, but more like on the Sea of Galilee in a gentle wind. You are taking me to faraway places of which I know nothing.

That strikes me as amusing because I said recently that I wasn’t going to travel any more. Good for global warming I thought. I hate airports and there is nowhere I particularly want to go to except Scotland and Ireland.

Yet here I am now, being offered to have the book marketed in China, India, Australia, Russia and Germany. Can this really be so, or am I dreaming it? Will I wake up one day and find that I have imagined the whole thing?

Kate Delaney

It was exciting enough to have been offered the interview on the Kate Delaney Show, so what a delight it was to have One on One with her as well. What a great lady she is, and it is she who has inspired me. Since then I have done a radio interview with Dr. Angela Chester and a television one as well, for her programme International Daily Spark. Thank you both, and thank God for His abundance.

Please help me, Father

I want to shout more about God’s abundance, but I do find social media pretty confusing. However, I feel that I have been offered a platform from which to work. I know it will be immensely time consuming, but if it is going to help spread the good news of the gospel, then I must try and do it. So please Lord give me a sign that you would like me to go ahead with this amazing new project, and how to sow seeds in the right places.

I know that I must have complete trust in you; therefore Jesus, I know that you are in control of this little boat. So let me sit back and enjoy travelling with you wherever you suggest we go. It certainly seems that we will be flitting from continent to continent. How strange to think that although I have actually been to Australia, China, India and Russia, I don’t know much about any of them, but you do Lord. How is that for God’s abundance?

Therefore my fervent prayer is that it will please you to water the seeds, so that they bring forth fruit, Almighty God. Abundantly. Let us not despise the day of small beginnings. Thus I hope and believe that it is your wish for me to Sing your Song in Strange Lands.







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